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Transcripts from Legal Records
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BC Archives Call No. GR-1327
BC Attorney General
Inquisitions and Inquests 50/90 Sep 9, 1890
Louie Bee Shot by Slumach
Microfilm Reel B2373

To be transcribed
(2)Coroner's Precept
(3)Information of Witness
(4)Post Mortem

BC Archives Call No. GR-1727
Vol 597, page 19 page 21-28,
Bench Books 1864-1964
M.W.T. Drake, Supreme Court
New Westminster - Nov, 1890, etc.

To be transcribed
All 9 pages

Assizes November 1890 - Submissions Transcripts include records of preliminary hearings of the Slumach case held at the District (County) Court 3 November 1890 before Justice of the Peace Capt. Pittendrigh. Transcriptions by Duncan E. McPhaden from originals probably held at the Court House in New Westminster. His Transcripts were later photocopied by Donald E. Waite, who, in the 1970s learned that the file had been pulled and sent to Ottawa (Archives Canada?).

10 September 1890 - Information and complaint for indictable offence.
3 November 1890 - Disposition of witnesses
3 November 1890 - Statement of accused
12 November 1890 - Indictment for murder L.P. Eckstein, Crown Counsel
13 November 1890 - Affidavit Slumach
14 November 1890 - Affidavit Mary
14 November 1890 - Affidavit A. O'Connor
14 November 1890 - Jurors verdict
12 and 14 November - Proceedings Reg. vs. Slumach

BC Archives Call No. GR-1327
BC Attorney General
Inquisitions and Inquest 6/91 Jan 16, 1891
Slumach, an Indian Hung by the court
Reel B2373: Inquisitions 1889-1891

To be transcribed

Archives Canada
RG 13-B-1,
Vol. 1427 File 245A

Court transcript
(1) Inquisition
(2) Coroner's Precept
Left: the Honourable Mr. Justice Drake who presided over Slumach's trial. After the jury found Slumach guilty of the wilful murder of Louis Bee Justice Drake pronounced the death sentence. (Photo courtesy Donald Waite)
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